Day 110 – Happy New Year!

Have you made YOUR new year’s resolution!?  I know I have made mine, to continue on this path of wellness!  So of course, I decided to toast the start of the New Year with a new protein shake!  Are you surprised?!   :)

Eggnog is a fantastic drink, normally shared on the holidays.  While I’m not too keen on adding raw egg, I figured I could resemble the flavor with some butter rum extract and a little nutmeg added to my vanilla shake.  I think it tasted pretty close to the real thing, but please try it out and let me know!! 

Here is the recipe:  Eggnog Shake




Day 100

Whoooohooooo!  Can you believe it??  It’s been 100 days!  And I still love the products just as much as I did when I first started the program.  I think I might actually love them MORE

It’s getting close to Christmas and the holidays are always a time when it’s so much more difficult to stick with the plan to eat healthy.  There are so many family events and parties with fantastic sweets, delicious foods, and fancy cocktails…it is SO EASY to get overwhelmed!!  I know for me that as much as I try, eventually I will give in and splurge.  I just have to remind myself that it’s ok and just because I splurge today, it doesn’t mean I have to splurge tomorrow…and it definitely doesn’t ruin all of the hard work I’ve already done!!  So please, try to remember that for you too as we go through these next few weeks!  

We can all do this together!

Day 90

I am absolutely ADDICTED to the protein shakes!  I felt it was about time to have a post solely focused on the benefits of these shakes and how they are a  nutritionally complete meal replacement that leave you feeling absolutely fantastic!

What should you know?

Available in Creamy Dutch Chocolate, Creamy French Vanilla and Black Sesame, the shakes are also low in saturated fat, sodium and cholesterol with added enzymes that break down carbohydrates, proteins and fats to maximize the absorption of key nutrients. What’s more, IsaLean Shakes contain 24 grams of high-quality undenatured protein (my0-isaLean complex) from New Zealand dairy cows that exceed USDA organic standards. Best of all, at only 240 calories, 6 grams of fat and less than $3 a meal, an IsaLean Shake is the perfect, well-balanced meal, no matter your lifestyle.

What is Myo–IsaLean Complex™?

Myo–IsaLean Complex is an undenatured protein blend sourced exclusively from grass-fed dairy cows not treated with hormones or antibiotics and raised on the pristine pastures of New Zealand. Minimally processed and the purest you can find, our proprietary, cheerful cow certified protein blend features:

  • A higher whey-to-milk-protein ratio comparable to the nutritional value of human breast milk and clinically shown to help you stay fuller longer, support muscle growth and maintenance and healthy blood sugar levels
  • A milk protein concentrate vs. calcium caseinate as a source of protein, which increases the concentration of branched-chain amino acids to fuel muscle growth and create lean body mass
  • Increased amounts of lactase make it easy to digest

How can you benefit from using them?

Packed with premium nutrition that includes a balanced ratio of high-quality protein, healthy fats and energy-boosting carbohydrates, IsaLean Shakes support weight loss and an increase in lean body mass. IsaLean Shakes contain no artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners or preservatives.

  • Burn fat and support lean muscle
  • Reduce cravings and stay full longer
  • Increase energy and recovery
  • Maintain healthy cholesterol levels
  • Soy free

Day 85

Do you know about Pinterest?  It’s this great website that allows the user to collect and organize all the things they find interesting on the internet.  SO COOL!   Of course, I immediately had to create a spot for all my yummy protein shakes, and then another one for all the different recipe ideas.  The concept is to create a “board” for a particular interest and then “pin” images/links to everything you want to refer back to.  I quickly realized my recipe board was growing out of control and decided it was about time to actually try and make some of them!

First up, cauliflower bread sticks!  What a neat idea to make a “bread stick” out of a vegetable!  Doesn’t that sound yummy?!  The ingredients all smelled delicious as I was putting them together, so much so that some might even be fooled into thinking a pizza was baking oven!  Now if only it actually worked!   I tried the recipe TWICE, but unfortunately neither time had much success.  I did find out that a little cheese might help, but currently cheese is on my list of things to avoid at the moment.   :(

cauliflower bread sticks

cauliflower bread sticks

Next up, cilantro thai chicken…absolutely DELICIOUS!   This was SO EASY to make, and there are only four ingredients for the marinade!  I don’t typically use cilantro, but thought it would be a good to change things up a bit.  I really am so glad that I did because this chicken truly was so full of flavor!  I will definitely be making this one again!

cilantro thai chicken

cilantro thai chicken


Day 76 – Happy Thanksgiving!

I must say that I have so much to be thankful for this year!  I am so happy to have spent the day with my family and friends, to have my health due to this new path with isAgenix, to be able to share this experience with my family and friends so that we can all enjoy each and every day going forward…to be here, to be alive, and to be enjoying life!

I had an absolutely wonderful day!  My mom and cousin woke up bright and early to start the turkey.  I was supposed to be starting it with them, but I overslept…shh, don’t tell!  :)  I might be secretly planning to do that again next year too because the turkey was truly the best it’s ever been!  Simply DELICIOUS!!

There were a few new additions to the menu this year, roasted brussels sprouts and QUINOA!  I definitely couldn’t let my new favorite dishes miss out on the holiday celebration and besides, it really felt good to enjoy the day while still following the program.  That is until it came time for dessert…yes, we ALL grabbed our forks when the pies were served!  There was no stopping us tonight, and quite possibly I might need another piece tomorrow!

It’s once a year and besides, we are all allowed to indulge every once in a while!  :)

turkey and pie

turkey and pie


Day 60

I am back on course and feeling FANTASTIC!  I am no longer taking those crazy pain relievers and antibiotics…AND my cheek has returned to normal!  That really was a stressful week for me!

To get myself back on track, I decided I would prepare my meals ahead of time…or ahead-A-vance as we like to say around here.   It’s kind of like “ahead of time” and “in advance” somewhat smooshed together.  Try it, it will catch on!  :)  To start, I spread out six containers and began filling them with quinoa, asparagus, brussels sprouts, turkey and chicken.   It really wasn’t that much effort, and I am already enjoying the benefits of not having to come home and cook after work each day.

meal preparation

meal preparation

I thought it would be nice to have two options rather than the same thing each night, so that’s why I did three with turkey and three with chicken.  I am already thinking about what to make for next week…any suggestions?

completed meal prep

completed meal prep

Day 50

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned how I truly believed the “magic liquid” gave me the nerve to both schedule and attend multiple appointments with the dentist.  One thing the “magic liquid” doesn’t do is eliminate any pain that results from each visit!  I had a dentist appointment Thursday that resulted in me feeling absolutely miserable. :( I’m not exactly sure what happened, but somehow air got trapped in the layers of my cheek causing it to swell so big I could barely close my mouth the first day.  Sounds pretty, right?  I literally looked like I was trying to store nuts for the winter!!

I started taking pain medication and also an antibiotic…both of which I hadn’t taken since starting isAgenix.  I thought subjecting myself to the sweet wonderfulness of cookies and icing was torture, but this cocktail of drugs mixed with a FAT FACE is truly testing me!!   In fact, it tested me so much, that I actually caved!  AGHHH!   I know, I did it…admitting it is half the battle, right?  I tried to cheat in a good way…although, I’m not sure that really matters…by having a non-dairy ice cream made with coconut and almond milk.   I must say, it was absolutely DELICIOUS, and I will not be buying it for a long while since it seems to quickly disappear upon entering the house!

fat face cheating

fat face cheating

Day 45

This is going to my last daily post.  I know, you’re sad…  :)  I am STILL going to post multiple times a week…with progress updates, recipe ideas, and new additions to how I’m making the program work for me.  I am hoping this blog can help others who are going through the program or even those who are just looking for some support in getting healthy and following a program that works for them.  We all need a little motivation sometimes and for me, it helps to know that others are going through the process with me.  Speaking of which…I am VERY happy to say that more of my family and friends have jumped on the healthy train!   Oh yeah, we will all be toasting our shakes to getting healthy together!!  I can’t wait!!

Day 44

Tonight we had plans for a family dinner over at Outback Steakhouse…a little stressful, but it wasn’t the first time I needed to go out to a restaurant since I started the program.  Luckily, they actually have some “healthy” options on their menu!  I ordered a small salad with balsamic vinegar to start and for my entree…the “Simply Grilled Mahi” which comes with fresh mixed vegetables…and then, I ADDED an extra side of grilled asparagus!

I wish I took a picture of my meal, but it completely slipped my mind.  I can say, it all looked good…the salad and veggies were nice and simple, there was a good crunch on the mahi, and the asparagus had a nice char from the grill!  Everything even tasted good, however I did notice it was a little bit greasier than what I am used to and there was definitely A LOT of salt!!   I did still enjoy it, especially the part of feeling like a regular person who orders from the ACTUAL meal section of the menu!  I used to get the SAME THING every time I went out…a large salad with dressing on the side…who knew that actually EATING an entree could be the healthier option!  :)

I wish I could say the rest of my night went just as smoothly as the experience of dinner, however my stomach started flipping IMMEDIATELY upon getting home!  I think I was proven to be correct about the extra grease in the food!  My body was definitely not used to it and quickly had to figure out a way to adjust!  :)




Day 43

I needed to go into the office to get some extra work done over the weekend and knew I would much rather enjoy my shake frozen with ice…so, I stopped and found this little blender that would still fit enough liquid/ice for my shake.  It worked PERFECTLY!!  It’s an Oster My Blend Blender, and I love it!!

shakes at the office

shakes at the office

It was so easy to fill it, attach the blade, and then quickly mix it for not even 10 seconds.  My shake came out EXACTLY how I like it…creamy, cold, and just like a milkshake!!

new blender

new blender

Now I just need to get over the embarrassment of actually using it when other people are in the office too! :) I’m not sure I’m ready for all the questions yet!  I did decide to leave it there just in case I get enough nerve on Monday afternoon…