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I’m a 35 year old who has STRUGGLED for over half my life with the little voice in my head, the feelings of insecurity, and the desire to love my body.

Deciding to start isAgenix…

I have a very LONG history of trying just about every CRAZY idea I could come up with to be thin, but for now I’ll start here…my pants were getting tight, and I was feeling extremely uncomfortable with my body.  I no longer wanted to go out and found every reason/excuse to avoid going anywhere on the weekend.   I had gained TWENTY pounds in the last four months!!   Back in April, I stopped taking the “diet” pills that had become such a routine part of my day for the last 16 years of my life.   It started with one or two times a day, but in recent years I truly swallowed them like they were candy!  I would wake up, take pills, get dressed, take pills, start work, take pills…it was practically every hour of my day!   It consumed me!   These pills made my metabolism work in over drive, made me not even think about food or eating, and I thought they were my magic answer to being thin…because they definitely weren’t the answer to being healthy!!   My resting heart rate was off the charts, and I could barely get to sleep at night without the aid of either Advil PM or Benadryl.  What was I doing to myself?!!? 

So, I stopped taking the pills.  COLD TURKEY!   I’m sure it was a shock to my system…and I knew it would affect me…I just didn’t think the thoughts of food would consume me!  Before long, one snack turned into two, turned into three…I no longer cared about eating only healthy foods for dinner and instead chose the fried chicken instead of the grilled.  What was happening!?

That’s when I knew I had to do something…something had to change…somehow I needed to get a grip on my life and find a way to not focus on eating!   I remembered seeing a friend post some things on Facebook about nutritional cleansing and decided maybe this would be what I needed.   A healthy plan to follow!!   I called, we chatted, she shared stories about her and her family, and I signed up!   It was worth a shot!   And so, here I am…sharing my story, my journey, and my thoughts along the way.

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