Round 2 – Day 63

I’m home from Vegas! I had so much fun walking through town, hanging out with friends, and enjoying the warm weather. I did really good with having my shakes and eating a healthy dinner while I was out there, but the rest of this week hasn’t gone so well. It started with a scratchy throat at the airport, which of course meant I needed some ice cold frozen yogurt to alleviate the pain! I only wish I took a picture of this massive bowl of goodness topped off with an assortment of sprinkles. It was EXACTLY what my throat needed! :)

I have a habit of stepping one foot off the wagon and then falling completely off and then tumbling down the pavement. I starts slow but then progressively ends up to where I’m eating anything and everything I want. It’s not a pretty sight! :( I still haven’t gotten back on the wagon (or the scale), so I’m hoping that by writing this…the wagon will begin to come into sight again! Keep your fingers crossed for me!

In the meantime, here is a picture of me out in Vegas…put into a before/after with how far I’ve come.



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