Day 76 – Happy Thanksgiving!

I must say that I have so much to be thankful for this year!  I am so happy to have spent the day with my family and friends, to have my health due to this new path with isAgenix, to be able to share this experience with my family and friends so that we can all enjoy each and every day going forward…to be here, to be alive, and to be enjoying life!

I had an absolutely wonderful day!  My mom and cousin woke up bright and early to start the turkey.  I was supposed to be starting it with them, but I overslept…shh, don’t tell!  :)  I might be secretly planning to do that again next year too because the turkey was truly the best it’s ever been!  Simply DELICIOUS!!

There were a few new additions to the menu this year, roasted brussels sprouts and QUINOA!  I definitely couldn’t let my new favorite dishes miss out on the holiday celebration and besides, it really felt good to enjoy the day while still following the program.  That is until it came time for dessert…yes, we ALL grabbed our forks when the pies were served!  There was no stopping us tonight, and quite possibly I might need another piece tomorrow!

It’s once a year and besides, we are all allowed to indulge every once in a while!  :)

turkey and pie

turkey and pie


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