Day 41

There has been a lot of talk about the “Bedtime Belly Buster – BBB” on all of the isAgenix groups, so I finally decided to purchase the products and test it out.

bedtime belly buster ingredients

bedtime belly buster ingredients

It all started when one guy researched that protein with calcium just before bed could help one sleep better, preserve muscle, boost fat burning, and assist with weight management.  The original version has been modified over the years to add/subtract ingredients based on someone already getting enough calcium with the Ageless Essentials.  Suggestions are to now include the isAgenix FiberPro (for greater satiety), isaFruits, Want More Energy?, and a few sprays of their Sleep Support Spray.  I know I just named a long list of ingredients, so please don’t get overwhelmed and think you need absolutely everything to try this out.  I am actually making it with the isaPro, about a half scoop of isaCalcium, and a half stick of isaFruits.  I decided not to entirely remove the calcium, even though I am taking the Ageless Essentials every day.

bedtime belly buster - BBB

bedtime belly buster – BBB

I must say I actually fully enjoyed the taste and flavor of this drink!!  It is definitely fruity and a bit frothy, but to me…it’s a YUMMY DESSERT!!  :)   Almost like a berry milkshake!  I can’t say for sure if this will actually start taking inches off my waist, but I’ll definitely keep everyone posted.  I can say that I definitely have found it MUCH easier to fall asleep, and I am still waking up early with a TON of energy!

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