Day 40

I am so proud of my mommy!  She just completed her first 30 days on the program and has completely blown me away at how well she has done!   She lost TWENTY THREE POUNDS and 27.5 INCHES!!  Yes, you read that right!!  Is that not AMAZING?!?!   Of course, I would love to share pictures of her progress, but I’m still working on her to agree and become comfortable with sharing!  :)  For now, you need to take my word for it that she looks incredible and is already in need of some smaller clothes!!!   KEEP IT GOING, MOMMY!!!

I have some other fantastic news to share as well…a lot of new people are signing up for isAgenix!!  Our cousin, my dad, and a dear friend from high school…oh yeah, soon all my family and friends will be enjoying shakes together!!  I am truly loving it and LOVE that soon everyone will see and FEEL all the great things I’ve been talking about!!

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