Day 39

I know I talk about my shakes A LOT, but listen…I LOVE THEM!!  :)  I truly look forward to how tasty and delicious they are…and I’m always trying to think of different combinations to change it up a little.  Today, I added in one teaspoon of organic raw almond butter to my vanilla shake.  I had never tried it before and was quite surprised when I opened the lid to realize I needed to stir it up quite a bit.  It completely separates the longer it sits, so you really need to give it a good stir each time you use it!

My final shake definitely had a somewhat peanut butter taste, but it was very faint!  I think next time I will have to add a bit more to get a better idea, but I think this could be something many would enjoy!

organic almond butter

organic almond butter

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