Round 2 – Day 30

Whooohooo!  I made it through the 30 day program!  It feels so good and the bonus,
I FEEL SO GOOD!!  :)  I am down 13.5 pounds and a whole bunch of inches!  I feel so much better, and my clothes fit better too!

I decided again not to cleanse this week, so my final results are all without any cleanse days!  I know some of you wonder if it’s possible to lose without the deep cleanse, and this is proof!  I’m not suggesting this as the preferred way, but I know for one reason or another  that cleansing isn’t an option for some.  I must say that this just confirms to me how great the isAgenix products truly are!

I’ve decided to start another 30 day program tomorrow, and even registered myself for the isaBody Challenge to keep me motivated for a total of 90 days!  This is definitely going to be a test, especially with a scheduled vacation in the middle of it…but I’m determined!!

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