Round 2 – Day 3

I snuck on the scale this morning!!  Shh, don’t tell!  I know I should be waiting until after my first week, but I just had to know!  I already lost 4.5 POUNDS!  I know, it’s water weight…but it’s still weight…and that makes me happy!  :)   AND, it motivates me to want to continue!  Sometimes we need a little extra motivation reminder…

I had a vanilla shake with green tea this morning.  What I like to call my “Green Tea Frappuccino“…it’s my own little version of a treat from Starbucks, and it’s really tasty!!  This is usually my shake of choice, but I have many more ideas over on the Recipe page.  You’ll have to let me know which flavor is your favorite or if you have another great recipe for me to try…

DoMatcha - Green Tea Frappuccino

DoMatcha – Green Tea Frappuccino

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