Round 2 – Day 14

Today marks two weeks!  Whooohooo!  I decided to check my weight and retake my measurements this morning and…I’ve lost TEN pounds and 7.5 inches!  This program really does amaze me!  I absolutely love the way I’m feeling and am even almost ready to commit to adding some workouts and possibly some deep cleanses.   I know the deep cleanse is really one of the most beneficial parts of the program.  I remember feeling wonderful after completing the deep cleanse last time.  I really just need to prepare my mind for not having my shakes for two days.   Have I mentioned lately that the shakes are ADDICTING?!  :)

I spent today in New York City with my family.  We went to see a play and then out to dinner.   In the past, I would be a little nervous about going out to dinner.  I was always afraid there wouldn’t be anything healthy to eat, and I would get stuck having something that would throw me off the program.  However, I’ve always been able to find something though and when I don’t, the restaurants have always been willing to accommodate me.   Tonight I had Cajun Cod with a side of asparagus.  Both were absolutely delicious!

cajun cod & asparagus

cajun cod & asparagus

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