Round 2 – Day 1

It’s official, I’ve started another 30 day cleanse with isAgenix!  I actually never fully stopped, but I also haven’t been fully committed either.  I’d go a few weeks on and then a few weeks off and then back on…and then back off…it was a never ending cycle.  My original 110 days on the program ended back in January of 2014.  It seems I would get stressed or sick or simply tempted by the delicious smell of cookies and soon my morning shake would take a backseat.  It happens to all of us, but today I’ve decided to make my start official by taking initial pictures, recording my measurements, and tracking progress on this blog.  I definitely feel more accountable once my words are on the screen.  I even went back and read the entries from my 1st 30 days on isAgenix.   It’s truly motivating to read about my accomplishments and also my struggles…and I know that I did this once before and can do it again!  :)

I prepared for today by fulfilling every possible craving I could think of…cookies, pizza, pasta, and of course ice cream to top it all off!  To help me in the days ahead, I threw out all possible future temptations.  Out of sight, out of my mind!   I started the day off with my vanilla isaLean shake for breakfast, another for lunch, and then a homemade turkey burger over a big salad for dinner.  Between meals I had 2 isAgenix Snacks! and then an isaDelight chocolate for dessert.  Overall, it was a great first day!

shake and accelerator capsule

shake and accelerator capsule

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