Day 26

I weighed myself yesterday morning, but I hesitated writing about it since I wasn’t really sure how I felt about it.  You see, I didn’t lose ANY weight…BUT I didn’t gain any weight either!!!   AND I did lose 3.25 inches!!   Ugh, for some reason I seem to be focused on the whole scale number not moving down.  I never used to weigh myself before starting this program for EXACTLY this reason!  I really don’t like to get myself so focused on a number, especially when dropping over 3 inches is obviously getting fantastic results!!  I need to stay focused on the positive…I just need to be reminded of that from time to time!

For dinner tonight I decided again to have asparagus.  I really have been enjoying it almost every night lately, which is funny considering I used to avoid having it in the past.  I’m not sure if you have noticed what I call “asparagus pee” when going to the bathroom soon after eating asparagus, but there is this slight smell that typically occurs.  :) Well, I did a little research and apparently it has to do with the amino acids within asparagus and how they are broken down…and it turns out these same amino acids are within the products of isAgenix!  Regardless of me avoiding asparagus before…I still had the “asparagus pee” that I tried so hard to avoid!  And if you can’t fight them, join them…so asparagus has been on the menu ever since!

shrimp, asparagus, and brown rice

shrimp, asparagus, and brown rice

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