Day 25

I quickly realized today how reliant I am on my fitbit!  I’ve mentioned this little device before, but for those that don’t know…it tracks my step count each day and helps me to verify that I reach my goal of 10,000 steps on a “shake” day and 5,000 steps on the deep cleanse days.  Today was my weekly photo shoot and measurements, so I was rushing around a bit to take pictures, track my inches, make my shake and oh yeah, get dressed for the office!   Well, sure enough after I’m halfway through the hike from the parking lot into my office, I became aware that I did NOT have my fitbit!!  I went into complete panic…how was I ever going to make sure I would get all my steps in!?   So, I came up with a plan…

I went home at lunch, found my fitbit, went back to the office, parked in practically the same spot from this morning…and then calculated the steps…multiplied times two…and figured out I had missed approximately 1,700 steps.  I figured I could just add this amount onto my end total to verify that I reached my goal for the day.  Well, all that time figuring out the steps and calculating was for nothing!  I am so obsessed with seeing the 10,000 number on my little device that OF COURSE I kept walking until the number actually came onto the screen!!  :)





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