Day 23

OHH, Why was I so hungry today!??  This was definitely by far the most difficult day to get through so far!   I was daydreaming about eating…actually what I really craved was a SHAKE…a vanilla shake with cinnamon sprinkled on top…Oh, that would taste so good right now!!  Can’t tomorrow be Tuesday!?!  :)  I think it’s definitely interesting that of all the things I could imagine having to eat, my mind went to the isAgenix shake!  Haha, they really are that DELICIOUS!!

I had to tell myself over and over again that I can do this…it’s actually on repeat in my head right now!  I know it’s hard right now but it will all be worth it!   It helped to look at the group Facebook pages and read about the struggles and PROGRESS that other people have had…they have all come so far!!  If they can do it, I can do it!  If they can do it, I can do it!  If they can do it, I can…

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