Day 22

Tonight was my last meal before cleansing the next two days.  I find myself putting in a little extra effort when I know I won’t be eating for a while…trying to make the last one really count!  :)  I decided on shrimp tonight but added in some extra seasonings of garlic powder, paprika, and lemon juice.  YUMMY!!  I am so glad I’m getting such good use out of the spice rack!!   I chopped up yellow squash, red onion, and radishes in my salad which gave it a really nice crunch and turned my wrap into triangle shaped “chips”.  I drizzled a little olive oil and balsamic vinegar mix over the whole thing…and then DEVOURED it!!  The flavor was delicious!!

shrimp, salad, and wrap chips

shrimp, salad, and wrap chips

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