Day 19

I absolutely LOVE these shakes!!  Today I added in the green tea matcha powder to the vanilla shake and it was DELICIOUS!!!  So far I have loved everything I’ve added into it…cinnamon, the orange “Want More Energy”, and now matcha powder!!  There truly are so many different options and flavor combinations if you’re someone that doesn’t want to have the same shake every single day.  I’ve also found that I actually am growing a lot fonder of the chocolate shake too…who would have guessed!??  :)

My dinner tonight was one of my most favorite meals in the last few days and it consisted of all things I would never have imagined eating before!  Scrambled eggs with fresh chives, brown rice, and steamed asparagus with lemon.  I’m planning on putting the recipes together for all of my meals and eventually having a link to help anyone looking for ideas on what to have for their lunch of dinner.

eggs, rice, and asparagus

eggs, rice, and asparagus

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