Day 38

Ahhh, I posted my before/after photo on my private Facebook page!!  Quite honestly, I’m still a little bit in shock…but I did it, it’s done!  It’s out there!  :)

before/after isAgenix

before/after isAgenix

I truly had been contemplating biting the bullet and throwing myself out to the public for the last few days, and then over the weekend I was convinced after speaking with a few people who are also using the isAgenix products.  I figured the benefits of sharing the products and helping others to experience feeling this fantastic, far outweighed a little embarrassment!  In actuality, it has been quite freeing to be so open and honest with everyone…it does help that LUCKILY, I have only received positive responses!

I’m even more excited that it has given me the chance to reconnect with a few people who are already interested in trying out the system!  Oh yeah, we are all jumping on the healthy train together!  CHOOO!! CHOOO!!  :)

Day 37


** Note: If you do not have the isaDelight chocolate, substitute with 2 isaSnacks! **


Since I am cleansing today, what not better than to share my typical “cleanse” day….

7:30am – 1 ounce Ionix Supreme

8:30am – 4 ounces Cleanse for Life

9:30am – 2 isaSnacks! (vanilla)

  • 1 Accelerator Capsule

10:30am – 1 isaDelight (dark chocolate)

11:30am – 4 ounces Cleanse for Life

12:30pm – 1 isaDelight

  • 1 Accelerator Capsule

1:30pm – 2 isaSnacks! (vanilla)

2:30pm – 4 ounces Cleanse for Life

3:30pm - 1 isaDelight

4:30pm – 2 isaSnacks! (vanilla)

5:30pm – 4 ounces Cleanse for Life

6:30pm - 1 isaDelight

7:30pm – 2 isaSnacks! (vanilla)

10:00-10:30pm – 2 capsules of isaFlush


Again, the recommendation is to drink at least a GALLON of water during your first 30 days.  I also added in an e+ shot around 1:00pm today for a little extra energy and a hot cup of t+chai tea at 7:00pm to warm up.  You don’t have to follow this exact schedule, but it’s recommended to have 8 isaSnacks! and up to 4 isaDelights.

The isaSnacks!, isaDelights, e+ shot, and t+ chai tea are the only “snacks” you can have along with the Cleanse for Life drink on cleanse days.



Day 36

I thought it would be helpful for those considering the program to post my typical daily routine surrounding my meals.  I think it’s easier to understand if you see it lined up in front of you.

So, here is my typical “shake” day….


7:30am – 1 ounce Ionix Supreme and 1 Accelerator Capsule

8:00-8:30am – IsaLean Shake – I love the chocolate flavor in the morning!

  • Ageless Essentials with Product B  a.m. pack (supplements)

10:30-11:00am – snack of either 1 isaDelight (dark chocolate) or 2 isaSnacks! (vanilla)

1:00pm – IsaLean Vanilla Shake

  • I usually add in Cinnamon, Green Tea Matcha Powder, or 1 tsp. Want More Energy!
  • 1 Accelerator Capsule

3:00-3:30pm – snack of either 1 isaDelight or 2 isaSnacks!

5:30-7:30pm – Dinner of Protein, Complex Carbs, Healthy Fats, and Vegetables

  • Ageless Essentials with Product B  p.m. pack (supplements)

9:30pm – snack of either 1 isaDelight or 2 isaSnacks! – I can’t give up my dessert! :)

10:00-10:30pm – 2 capsules of isaFlush


I also drink a TON of water throughout the day.  The recommendation is to drink at least a GALLON during your first 30 days, but I go well over!   I also want to point out that there are many other snack options other than the isAgenix products, I just happen to find it convenient to use them.





Day 35

I know I’ve said it already, but I truly am enjoying the different things I’ve been cooking up in the kitchen!  It is so much fun coming up with new meals, and I absolutely love discovering the ones which I find to be delicious!   Tonight’s menu consisted of turkey breast with a TON of seasonings.  I used freshly squeezed lemon juice, rosemary, chives, garlic powder, paprika, a dash of cayenne pepper, and some fresh ground black pepper.  Oh my, I can’t even begin to explain the final result!!   It was the tastiest piece of turkey that I have ever made!  I decided to share my creation with my fiancé to get his review, and he LOVED it too!!   I’m so excited, we now have new dish to add to the weekly menu!!  :)

turkey, salad, and a wrap

turkey, salad, and a wrap

I also thought it would be helpful to put together some recipes for those who need some ideas on what to make each day.   I’ll soon be including a link/page with all of my favorites!

Day 34

On your initial order of the 30 day program you also receive a free box of samples.  It’s a great way to try out some of the additional products before investing in buying a whole box.  There are five items in the box and so far, I’ve loved every single one!  I will definitely be adding some of these to my order next month!

sample pak

sample pak

Here is a description of all the goodies inside the box:

Want More Energy Stick – Orange:   A natural fuel for the body, it gives you endurance and sustains your energy without caffeine or stimulants. Available in three delicious flavors — orange, tropical and citrus.

2 IsaLean Bars – Chocolate Decadence & Natural Oatmeal Raisin:  The exclusively sourced bars are packed with high-quality, undenatured whey protein from cows that are pasture-fed and not treated with hormones or antibiotics. The whey protein is low in lactose and high in branch-chained amino acids for maintaining muscle and promoting muscle growth.

FiberSnacks! – Peanut Chocolate Chew:  You get 24% of your daily intake of fiber in one delicious FiberSnacks! bar. Available in either Peanut Chocolate Chew or new peanut-free Honey Almond Crunch, these tasty treats contain 6 grams of a premium blend of soluble and insoluble fiber that are both key for good health. This one-two punch of fiber intake helps keep you looking and feeling your best.

e+ Energy Shot:  A nutrient-packed, naturally-caf­feinated energy shot that gets and KEEPS you active and alert. e+ contains caffeine derived from green tea and yerba maté and a proprietary, scientifically proven blend of adaptogenic botanicals that increase energy, stamina and mental alertness.  e+ is a healthy and safe way to provide that “get-up-and-go” needed for both the average person and the competitive athlete.

Day 33

Today I decided to start taking the isAgenix supplements.  I had ordered them a couple weeks ago, but wanted to officially complete my first 30 days on the program before adding in any of the other products.  I’ve never been one to take any sort of vitamin or supplument on a daily basis, so I’m curious to see how I do with taking these every day.  The nice part is that they are already in convenient little packs, one for the morning and one for the evening, so I don’t have to take a bunch of pills out of bottles every day.  It’s really organized!

ageless essentials with product B

ageless essentials with product B

I had the a.m. pack with my morning shake and the p.m. pack after dinner.  Since the a.m. and p.m. packs can be separated, I put the a.m. pack on my blender and the p.m. on my bottle of isaFlush just so I would remember!  I can’t say I noticed anything different today, but I’ll keep everyone posted on whether I notice any changes as the days pass.

Here is a breakdown of each of the supplements included with the packs:



Product B:  The science behind Product B goes beyond the symptoms of aging to target the ultimate sources of aging at the cellular level.  Maintaining proper cell health can positively affect the body’s natural processes.  Product B is uniquely designed to offer what we believe to be the best telomere support on the market.

Essentials for Women: Featuring an advanced delivery system, your body receives a steady stream of key vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients throughout the day.

Ageless Actives: Offers therapeutic doses of CoQ10, Vitamin D3 and Resveratrol, combined with adaptogens, botanicals and other antioxidants to help slow the progressive degeneration of the body.

Isaomega Supreme:  Helps support cardiovascular and brain health by providing DHA and EPA omega-3 essential fatty acids from fish oil.

C-Lyte: Features isa-C Complex, with three forms of Vitamin C as mineral ascorbates, to be easy on the stomach and help provide you with 24-hour antioxidant protection.



Day 32

I have truly been testing myself the last couple days!  For those of you who don’t know, I absolutely LOVE to bake…pretty much anything…scones, cupcakes, and especially COOKIES!! 

I’m in the process of making cookies for a very special little girl who is turning 2, and now my house has taken on the wonderful aroma of sugar and dough…OH!!  No matter what plan I follow, I don’t think I can ever be convinced that this stuff is not DELICIOUS!!

Yo Gabba Gabba, Foofa!

Yo Gabba Gabba, Foofa!

Luckily, I somehow had the willpower to not even lick the icing bowl!  Not that it would have been the worst thing in the world, but I just like to know that I can avoid the temptation and continue to follow the program.  I have a few more cookie orders coming up over the next few weeks, so I can’t be sure that I will be able to hold out for too much longer!  :)

Day 31

I recall mentioning that there was this drink I take first thing in the morning called Ionix Supreme…the “magic liquid” which I hear everyone raving about!  I was definitely a skeptic, but I drank it anyway…waiting to see results.  I must say that as the time passes I have noticed one thing that seems unexplainable in my behavior…

I have been FOREVER terrified of the dentist, to the point where I would find every nonsense reason I could come up with in order to not go or even cancel at the last minute…yet, just last week I scheduled my appointment, actually WENT to the appointment, and even scheduled a follow up without even thinking twice about it!!  That is not me…well, at least…it wasn’t me!!  :) 

ionix supreme

ionix supreme

So, I’m convinced and am actually joining everyone else to say this stuff is MAGICAL!!  I want to make sure I provide the correct information about the product, so here is the description straight from the company…

Ionix Supreme helps normalize the body’s functions and helps your body better cope with stress, while supporting mental and physical performance.  Ionix Supreme contains plant-based Adaptogens like schizandra, rhodiola, rhodendron, ashwagandha, macaroot and wolfberry.  Adaptogens have been used for centuries to improve health and help the body combat periods of stress, without the side effects of stimulants.  Adaptogens, like the ones in Ionix Supreme, could be the key to beating stress, supporting healthier aging and increasing longevity.


Day 30

Wow, I can’t believe today was my final day of the 30 day program!  I can honestly say that I have enjoyed every minute of it!!  It is amazing to me how things can change so drastically in only 30 days, but it truly has!!

I am waking up with a smile on my face and going to bed excited to start the next day (and enjoy another shake!).  My thoughts are no longer focused on food or the unbearable cravings for whatever “junk” food I can imagine!  I have a ton more energy, so much that I was able to complete my goal of 10,000 steps every day!  I truly feel FANTASTIC!  So fantastic, that I want to share this with program with everyone I know!   I would love to be able to help others start their journey with this program.  If you’re reading this and have the slightest bit of interest, send me a note…I’ll answer all of your questions, walk you through the process, and get you signed right up!   You could be enjoying a shake by the end of the week!!  :)

Email me:

Updating this post with my photo…

before and after

before and after


Day 29

I had a wonderful day with my family today!  We went into NYC to see the 9/11 Memorial, Lion King on broadway, and then dinner at Bobby Van’s Grill & Steakhouse.  It was a full day, and I enjoyed every minute!  Since this blog is more focused on the program I’m following and not the events in my day, I’ll leave out the details of my morning and just tell you about my dinner…which was DELICIOUS!!

sesame crusted ahi tuna

sesame crusted ahi tuna

I ordered the Sesame Crusted Ahi Tuna which typically is served rare, however as I am not the avid sushi eater…I decided on Medium Rare.   In all honesty, it was a bit out of my comfort zone, but I’m learning (trying to convince myself) to try new things! :) And I am so glad I did…it truly tasted fantastic, and I loved the slight wasabi taste with the fresh avacado topping it off.  I stayed away from the seaweed salad and instead opted for a side of my new found obsession…fresh asparagus!!

My stomach did do a couple flips and flops at the end of the meal, but I’m sure this is just because my system hasn’t been used to so many flavors and sauces in the last few weeks.  And for something that tastes this good, I can definitley handle a couple gurgles in my tummy!  :)