Day 37


** Note: If you do not have the isaDelight chocolate, substitute with 2 isaSnacks! **


Since I am cleansing today, what not better than to share my typical “cleanse” day….

7:30am – 1 ounce Ionix Supreme

8:30am – 4 ounces Cleanse for Life

9:30am – 2 isaSnacks! (vanilla)

  • 1 Accelerator Capsule

10:30am – 1 isaDelight (dark chocolate)

11:30am – 4 ounces Cleanse for Life

12:30pm – 1 isaDelight

  • 1 Accelerator Capsule

1:30pm – 2 isaSnacks! (vanilla)

2:30pm – 4 ounces Cleanse for Life

3:30pm - 1 isaDelight

4:30pm – 2 isaSnacks! (vanilla)

5:30pm – 4 ounces Cleanse for Life

6:30pm - 1 isaDelight

7:30pm – 2 isaSnacks! (vanilla)

10:00-10:30pm – 2 capsules of isaFlush


Again, the recommendation is to drink at least a GALLON of water during your first 30 days.  I also added in an e+ shot around 1:00pm today for a little extra energy and a hot cup of t+chai tea at 7:00pm to warm up.  You don’t have to follow this exact schedule, but it’s recommended to have 8 isaSnacks! and up to 4 isaDelights.

The isaSnacks!, isaDelights, e+ shot, and t+ chai tea are the only “snacks” you can have along with the Cleanse for Life drink on cleanse days.



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