Day 8

YUM…I added more water (12 oz.) to my chocolate shake this morning and it definitely helped!   It’s strange, the more I have the shakes the more I seem to crave them!!  :)

For dinner tonight I picked up fresh shrimp from the local supermarket (Wegman’s) and cooked it on the stove with lemon juice and chives!   I made brown rice and added zucchini, radishes and cabbage to my salad.   I must say, I am fully enjoying my dinner selections!  In the past, I was so restrictive that I practically ate (ok, I did eat) the same thing EVERY NIGHT!  I avoided all carbohydrates and added fats!   Don’t get me wrong, I truly loved my meal every night but realize now all that I have been missing!

shrimp and brown rice

shrimp and brown rice

I’ve been keeping track of the number of steps I take each day since I started isAgenix too.  My goal is to go over 10,000 steps on a shake day and 5,000 on a cleanse day.  So far, I’ve stuck to the plan every day.  The weather was great today, so we took a nice long walk over at the local park.  Reaching 10,000 was easy!!

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