Day 2

I felt great!  I truly  couldn’t wait to get the day started!

Last night did end up to be a little difficult.  We stayed up pretty late and the longer I was up, the HUNGRIER I got!   It did however make breakfast taste even better.  It was delicious, so creamy!!  I actually scraped the blender to make sure I got every last drop…it’s that GOOD!

Snack time almost turned into a disaster.  We were out shopping when I realized it was time to have my two isaSnacks!, no problem…I planned ahead!  I grabbed the ziploc, grabbed my vanilla wafer, and within a second it was rolling on the floor!!  AGHHH!!!  Now, there is absolutely no way I would EVER eat something off the floor…I don’t even do it at my own house…but my fiance picked it up and stuck it in his pocket just in case.  Well, sure enough…I somehow rationalized it out in my head, grabbed the wafer, brushed it off, and ATE my snack!!  Oh yeah, I’m following the program, nothing is going to stop me!  :)

I did have a slight headache later in the day.  I’m not sure why…possibly caffine withdrawal?  I did love my coffee!  I avoided taking Advil and decided to have an isaDelight chocolate at snack time.  It is infused with green tea which has natural caffine and sure enough the pain in my head went away.   The headache might also been caused from looking at the computer screen  constantly.  I have been so excited about isAgenix and the team Facebook pages that I truly can’t stop reading and learning…and reading some more!

For dinner, I made turkey exactly the same way as the chicken from yesterday…just chives, rosemary, lemon, fresh pepper, and a dash of sea salt.   So easy and so delicious!   Of course, I also made the quinoa again too…seriously, why have I never made that before!?

Dinner Day 2

turkey, quinoa, and salad

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